Living Springs is committed to making disciples, raising up servant-leaders, and training the next generation of pastors, church-planters and missionaries. We do this through our School of Ministry.

The School of Ministry is a 1-2 year program designed for those who want to take the next step in their faith. The curriculum includes lessons on doctrine and leadership, practicums for Bible teaching and evangelism as well as academic and Scriptural study.

The first School of Ministry can be found in Acts 19:9-10 when Paul separated the disciples of Ephesus and trained them for two years in the School of Tyrannus. The local church training model has been used for two millennia and has successfully sent out countless laborers into the harvest.

Our School of Ministry consists of two 16-week semesters each year. One begins in the Winter and the other in the Fall. Registration and full attendance is required. Please see Pastor Kyle for an application.